The Environment

When You think about it, making improvments to the way you run your business to make changes for the better to the environment and the world we live in. 

It's not that difficult.

UFP cover the whole of the UK which means a lot of miles. However, by zoning our work into regions and carefully managing call outs and maintenance . All journeys are only made when there is a sufficient amount of work in the given areas. All of our vehicles are filled with the correct stock to ensure first time fix and no return visits.

The Unique Way

As a family run business, we care about the environment as it is our children's future we need to consider. 

Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd have made the decision to reduce the amount of discharge testing of foams and powders and advise replacement instead. This means that all waste is either recycled or disposed of in a responsible way.

We spend less time on sites enabling more work to be done in one area, ultimately making our engineers more efficient.

We have also reduced the cost of our new extinguishers to make this a more attractive option for our customers.